War and Worship

The Raging Battle For Our Affections

One of the things that has always captivated me is how important positioning is in life. Now, follow me on this. When you play sports, the right position against your opponent is the foundational building block of learning that will help an athlete achieve their victory. In the world of business we always consider “how can we position ourselves for success”? This is especially true of relationships or the right deals in order to achieve success. It’s again, about position.The same is true within the context of military battles. Generals slave over maps that take into account topography, landmarks, and other important distinctions that will help them determine how they will position their troops.

When I worked for Faithlife (makers of Logos Bible Software) and traveled extensively I always loved flying into San Diego. Grabbing my rental car and leaving the airport I passed by massive war ships. I would instantly begin to think about what it would look like for these ships to be out in the middle of the ocean and the immense amount of calculation it would take by the entire crew if they had to engage in battle.


My Sons Seizure and Praying Psalm 46

My son’s seizure. I never honestly thought I would ever say that phrase. In the most terrifying experience of my life I held my 9 month old son as he went into what I now know is a complex febrile seizure. Little Lucas had a spike in fever while we were just 10 minutes away from my uncles house to surprise my mom for her birthday. Just before he went into the seizure he had a unique pain cry that we had never heard. My wife, Brittany, knew instantly something was wrong and jumped into the backseat to see what was wrong. As he went into the seizure, I pulled over, called 911, and then I stood there holding my 9 month old son as his left hand and left foot convulsed for what seemed like an eternity until we heard the sirens approach us.

It’s taken me some time to process what was taking place in my mind but I realized I began to pray Psalm 46 earnestly to the Lord in those moments and I continued to pray it over the next 48 hours of testing, confusion, anger, and anticipation. Why Psalm 46? Actually, its because it was the first Psalm that was released as a pre-release in song form from my friends Shane and Shane. I’ve been listening to this song easily over 50 times simply because I loved their arrangement of this powerful Psalm. Little did I know that God in his sovereignty began to prepare my heart days before this scary moment as I watched my son not only go through the seizure but watch as he was subjected to multiple tests.

3 Lessons Learned From Narnia

How Narnia Teaches Us The Gospel

We are in a really fun season of parenting. Liam and Levi love to read and watch movies. They are finally in a season where we can start working through chapter books. Brittany and I decided to start working our way through the C.S Lewis books. The boys happened to see that the books were made into movies so we started watching the movies. As we we jumped into the story of Narnia, I spent more time watching the reaction of my boys than actually watching the movie. Their eagerness to understand why Edmund would betray his family and even more incredible, their eager anticipation to see this majestic lion named Aslan. There is so much that I was reminded of by watching my boys response throughout the movies, and even more encouraging, I began to relive and recollect that simple wonder and awe that my kids were experiencing. As I reflect on what we learned as a family from C.S Lewis, we came across the following.

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Should Christian Parents Talk About Santa Clause?

Thinking Through How Christians Should Engage Culture

Christmas is here, and with it comes the challenge some Christian parents face in regards to how to deal with Santa Clause? Do we mention Santa? Do we talk about the historical Saint Nick? How about the reindeer, presents, and Elves! When Brittany and I first had Liam it seemed like the opinions, perspectives, and thoughts were everywhere and we were faced with the somewhat daunting task of making a decision for our family. In all honesty, we are in a different place now than we were four years ago. We first made the decision that we would not engage Santa in any way. We felt that putting any emphasis on Santa would distract our kids from Jesus.

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Should Christians Read Secular Books?

How Engaged Should Christians Be In Culture...

I love reading. At any given time you will see a combination of theology, history, systematic theology, or biography books on my nightstand (or loaded on my iPad). Another genre I love reading is science fiction. I love The Lord of the Rings, The Chronicles of Narnia, Harry Potter, and the Eragon series. Recently, I started reading (actually, i’ve been listening via audible) the Farseer Trilogy. This series is not “christian” in nature and I began to think whether or not I should be reading non christian books. In fact, over the years I’ve seen the debate take place on various forums on whether Christians should read non christian literature.

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As I’ve considered this questions I’ve come to the conclusion that like most things, this is a more complex discussion. In fact, the most important realization I made is that it is in fact a “discussion” and that there is not a blanket statement or answer.