4 Ways To Stay Productive While Traveling

Stay Effective and Efficient While Traveling

Traveling is hard. When I was younger (it’s scary I even wrote that phrase) I always dreamed of being able to travel and see the world! Well, God gave me my wish and while I appreciate the travel, it has proven to be really challenging. As of writing this post I just crossed 90,000 air miles for the year and I still have six major trips left.

As I consider how I’ve survived this year, I’ve been surprised to find that there are seasons where I feel like I am incredibly productive. Then, there are seasons where I am surprised I can even keep up and remember to jump on a flight. After evaluating my productive seasons, I found the following principles crucial in my ability to accomplish everything I need to with excellence.

Staying Productive

3 Tips For Better Bible Study

Improve Your Bible Study With These Three Simple Tips

My wife Brittany (AlmostIndianWife.com) got me into this #PeriscopeWithPurpose challenge. I’ll admit, I wasn’t real sure about it. I really didn’t feel like I had the time but after seeing how easy it was and how much fun my wife was having I decided to give it a try. I had no clue that this challenge opened up a channel for me to communicate my faith journey, challenges as a traveling dad, and also meet some pretty cool people. Today, the challenge dealt with giving 3 tips. One of the benefits I have of traveling to christian conferences around the world is the ability to glean and learn from some of the best theological minds out there. So I decided to share some of the most practical and important Bible Study tips that I’ve learned.

3 Tips For Better Bible Study

Reflections at 30

The Most Important Lessons I've Learned In 30 Years

It’s hard to believe that I just turned 30. There are so many land mark birthdays, and for me 30 is one of those. Turning 30 is great. It’s hard to believe, but its still great.  As I’ve spent some time thinking through the last 30 years I’ve come across the following reflections and important lessons learned, which are not in any particular order.


The Danger of Pursuing Your Desires

Can Desires Motivate or Debilitate?

After a few years working in the marketing space I’ve come to pay close attentions to ad’s, commercials, billboards, and pretty much anything that is trying to sell or communicate something. The common thread in everything that I’ve come across from the print billboard on the highway to the 30 second add on Hulu is the motivational factor that informs and drives the message. What is it you ask?

The Danger of Desire

3 Lessons Learned From Narnia

How Narnia Teaches Us The Gospel

We are in a really fun season of parenting. Liam and Levi love to read and watch movies. They are finally in a season where we can start working through chapter books. Brittany and I decided to start working our way through the C.S Lewis books. The boys happened to see that the books were made into movies so we started watching the movies. As we we jumped into the story of Narnia, I spent more time watching the reaction of my boys than actually watching the movie. Their eagerness to understand why Edmund would betray his family and even more incredible, their eager anticipation to see this majestic lion named Aslan. There is so much that I was reminded of by watching my boys response throughout the movies, and even more encouraging, I began to relive and recollect that simple wonder and awe that my kids were experiencing. As I reflect on what we learned as a family from C.S Lewis, we came across the following.

C.S. Lewis Quote

Genesis 35: A Theology Of Remembrance Pt. 2

Remembrance Stirs Our Affections For Jesus

In the midst of tragedy, the faithfulness of God can be incredibly difficult to believe in. Through chaos often times we find ourselves distrusting the goodness of God which results in humanity trying to take matters in their own hands. Simeon and Levi are guilty of this in Genesis 34. Further, Jacob is seemingly silent and unaware of what is taking place in his own household. As he realizes what has happened and the implications that this will bring onto his family, he finds himself in great need once again of great rescue. Then, “God speaks”. God leads Jacob out of his tragedy and shows his faithfulness in spite of Jacobs faithlessness.

Gen pt 2

Genesis 35: A Theology Of Remembrance Pt. 1

Pursuing The Habitual Practice Of Remembrance

Recently, a friend of mine asked me to preach for him as he was out of the country. Their church has been going through the entire book of Genesis, so I was asked to pick up in Genesis 35. Throughout my research, study, and preparation I was encouraged in so many ways. The most important thing that stuck out to me was the importance of remembrance in the life of the believer. Genesis 35 helps us to develop this theology of remembrance which has such great implications for us today. I’ll break this up into three part’s which reflect my sermon.

Gen 35

3 Healthy Ways To Respond When You Disagree

Walk Away From Disagreements With Your Relationship

In a recent post I exposed the dark area of my life that showed how ridiculously obsessed I am about winning, and the fact that I hate losing or failing at anything.  Something that goes in tandem with this is how often I feel my perspective or opinion is right and the other persons is wrong. I usually see this play out most often in my marriage as my wife and I “passionately dialogue” about our perspective on various matters. The real question to tackle is around dealing with disagreement.

3 healthy ways to respond featured image

Should Christian Parents Talk About Santa Clause?

Thinking Through How Christians Should Engage Culture

Christmas is here, and with it comes the challenge some Christian parents face in regards to how to deal with Santa Clause? Do we mention Santa? Do we talk about the historical Saint Nick? How about the reindeer, presents, and Elves! When Brittany and I first had Liam it seemed like the opinions, perspectives, and thoughts were everywhere and we were faced with the somewhat daunting task of making a decision for our family. In all honesty, we are in a different place now than we were four years ago. We first made the decision that we would not engage Santa in any way. We felt that putting any emphasis on Santa would distract our kids from Jesus.

Should Parents Santa Blog Featured image